The Bicocca Applied Statistics Center:

  • promotes scientific collaborations among scholars of different disciplines to identify new lines of research of both national and international interest;

  • carries out interdisciplinary research;

  • promotes the publication of studies and research carried out by the Center;

  • organizes conferences, meetings, seminars, and supports any other initiative aimed at disseminating and enhancing the areas of interests of the Center;

  • fosters opportunities to meet, share different point of views and enhance collaboration among the academic world, public and private organizations interested in studying particular topics of interest for the Center;

  • promotes training and updating activities;

  • promotes collaboration among different research centers and takes part in initiatives and projects to boost networking;

  • proposes and activates collaboration in university and/or inter-university projects, scientific collaboration activities with public and/or private bodies and may undertake activities on commission from public and/or private third parties in compliance with the law and university regulations.