Conference Program

1st Italian Conference on Economic Statistics

Labour Market: Analysis, trends and new scenarios


Friday 17 February 2023

University of Milano-Bicocca

Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi, 8 

Building U7 - Civitas, Second Floor, Aula "De Lillo"

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08:30 - Welcome and Registration

09:00 - Opening and Institutional Greetings

●    Corrado Crocetta, SIS President, University of Foggia

●    Paolo Mariani, Director of the Bicocca-Applied Statistics Center, University of Milano-Bicocca


09:15 - Keynote Speech

Interviewing administrative records: A conceptual map for the use of Big Data for research purposes

Roberto Leombruni, University of Turin


09:45 - Coffee Break

10:15 - Invited session: Labour inequality

Chair: Caterina Liberati

Discussant: Giorgio Tassinari

Inequalities at entrance, labour market conditions and university dropout: first evidence from Italy

Isabella Sulis, Mariano Porcu, Cristian Usala

Health and labour market effects of an abrupt and unanticipated rise in women retirement age. Evidence from the 2012 Italian pension reform

Manuel Serrano-Alarcón, Chiara Ardito, Roberto Leombruni, Alexander Kentikelenis, Angelo D’Errico, Giuseppe Costa, Anna Odone, David Stuckler on behalf of the IWGRH

Does success stem from non-STEM fields? An analysis of the Italian scenario

Antonella Rocca, Claudio Quintano


11:30 - 1st Session of contributed papers: Labour Market and Social Effects

Chair: Jerome Massiani

Which kind of occupational profiles are more likely to evade? Evidence from Italian provinces

Amadeo Argentiero, Paolo Maranzano, Gianluca Monturano, Giulio Pedrini

The Added-Worker Effect within Italian Households

Donata Favaro, Anna Giraldo

Quality of relationships, workplace well-being and episodes of harassment and violence. First results from a survey in the Bologna area

Demetrio Panarello, Giorgio Tassinari

Storytelling the Labor market in Europe: how the degree of economic and technological specialization influence the quality of labor demand

Paolo Maranzano, Valentina Cappelletti, Roberto Romano

Social capital and local labour market outcomes. An inquiry on the role of unconditional reciprocity

Giuseppe Notarstefano, Umberto Di Maggio, Giuseppe Terzo

Inclusion of people with disability in the labour market: disentangling individual employability characteristics

Federico Rappelli, Francesco Giubileo, Sara Maiorino


13:00 - Light Lunch


14:00 - Special Session: The impact of Data Science in the job market

Chair: Biancamaria Zavanella

Nowcasting and forecasting of official Italian employment figures based on web-scraped job vacancies

Matteo Pelagatti, Emilio Colombo

Information enabling Data Science applications in The Adecco Group

Gabriele Maggioni


Impact of 2008 and 2011 financial crises on the unemployment rate and percentage of NEET in Italy and subsequent recovery

Lucio Masserini, Matilde Bini, Alessandro Zeli


15:00 - Invited session: New frontiers of data sources in the Labour Market Analysis

Chair: Paolo Maranzano

Discussant: Francesco Chelli

The Use of Online Job Ads to Analyse Skill Changes in ICT occupations: an Application for Italian Regions

Adham Kahlawi, Laura Grassini and Lucia Buzzigoli

Trends in the Labour Market: issues still open for the analysis

Vittorio Nicolardi

Spatial divides in labor market indicators before and after crisis: the contribution of Travel-to-Work-Areas

Luca Salvati, Margherita Carlucci

16:15 - Coffee Break

16:45 - 2nd Session of contributed papers: Labour Market and Economic evidence

Chair: Andrea Ciccarelli

Touristic flows in Lombardy: forecasts on time series using mandatory communication data

Elena Diceglie, Roberta Rossi

Job-education mismatch according to a multidimensional and fuzzy approach

Roberta Cipriano, Laura Neri, Francesca Antognoni

The unemployment turn in Cost-Benefit Analysis. Opening the Pandora box?

Jerome Massiani

Generating and optimizing labour market administrative data sources reusable by design: methodologies, instruments and ongoing experiences based on the European Language of Labour, ESCO

Cristina Martelli, Maria Flora Salvatori, Adham Kahlawi


18:00 - Keynote Speech

Dual labor market reforms and firm adjustments in skill demand

Massimiliano Bratti, University of Milan


18:30 - Closing Remarks